Our Human Resources  policy is built on mutual trust and respect with encouragement and participation.

Our main target is to add resources suitable to TST culture, ensure continued improvement of their skill and maintain their motivation.

Human Resources Management is committed  to maintain the work ethic strategies to increase competitive strength and aim to sustain its leader in its field  position as a quality product and service provider.

Our Human Resource Policy ;

  1. Employ correct person for the correct position.
  2. In addition to Job Description and clear identification of responsibilities identify skills matrix to aim best possible placement.
  3. All our Employees  are objectively asseses in relation to skill, experience , ability and performance  and rewarded accordingly 
  4. In order to achieve rapid response and productivity Internal Communication is considered important.
  5. All employees suggestions are considered with care and assess.
  6. Education and Training is considered as Important factor  to improve Productivity and Motivation.
  7. Provides equal opportunity , Safe and Healty working enviroment.